Thursday, April 26, 2012

1st Day of Inacraft 2012: A Lovely Surprise :)

Yesterday was Inacraft 2012 first day, the most anticipated event by Indonesian crafters.
Too bad, I can't come and accompany my best friend, bu Pia of Idys wait our booth, because there are commissioned orders that I have to do and supervised myself.

Femina Magazine as one of the leading women's magazine in Indonesia, also participated in the event.
They will choose 23 products to receive their award, Femina Award, as the most unique, recommended products.

The Inacraft 2012 Femina award

I, of course, got interested. The booths which will received the award will be mentioned in their Inacraft shopping map, therefore hopefully will boost the sales. Then I submitted my newest product,Calyx Batik baby Bloomer Set to be nominated. They said, they will review it first.

The Calyx Batik Baby Bloomer Set

In the afternoon, bu Pia text me that the Femina Magazine people took one of the bloomer set to be nominated. I jumped for joy, to be nominated was already good enough for me .

In the evening, bu Pia send me this picture:

At first, I just saw at the two persons in the picture and wondering why bu Pia send me this picture, for I don't know who the lady standing next to her was. I looked again at the picture and it suddenly came to me, when I saw the thing held by by bu Pia. It was the award !!

Alhamdulillah, we won the award! Whoaa, a lovely surprise! I didn't really expect it because there are many candidates who have great products at the Inacraft. I feel so excited...after all this time, through many obstacles, finally I feel paid off !

Thank you to Femina Magazine, bu Pia of Idys, my cute baby model Bitha and all of my friends, for your support & du'a, huugs!

My friend, a talented crafter & craft books writer, Ira Dhyani Indira, stopped by our booth

The 23 products chosen by Femina Magazine. My bloomer is in the bottom row, third one from the left (or's in the middle )

Inacraft will be held until April 29, you are welcome to visit our booth at the Inacraft, no. 43, Plenary Hall .

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ribbon Flowers on a Ready Made Clutch

Since I showed my clutch collection here, some friends gave me questions. Like, "Did you make the ribbon embroidery (re) on a ready made clutch?" My answer was, no, I made it on a piece of fabric and sent it to a clutch maker.
Another question was, "But is it possible to make it on a ready made clutch?" The answer was, yes, it's possible, but I haven't try it yet.
So to satisfy me & my friend's curiosity, below was my first attempt to make a ribbon embroidery on a ready made clutch.

1. I bought a ready made clutch.

2. I prepared a ribbon flower with the gathering technique. I used a gold colored ribbon 1 inch wide, rolled it 3-4 times and work a running stitches along the selvedge.
3. Pull the thread carefully to gather the ribbon so it will shaped like a flower. Secured the shape with a couple of stitches.
4. Prepare the leaf by folding an 1 inch wide green organdy ribbon so it shaped like pyramid and make a running stitches along the selvedge. Again pull the thread, gather it to shape it like a leaf, secured with a few stitches.
5. Carefully stick the flowers and leaves onto the clutch with some stitches.
6. Voila! My clutch is ready...


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