Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Other Flower Fairy Magnet Brooches

After I finished the green-pink Flower Fairy brooch, I actually made another two of them, also Flower Fairy, but different flowers/colors.
The images were also grabbed from The Graphic Fairy.

I think, the ruffled edge of these two are better than the first one I showed in the previous blog, though I still didn't dare to make it wider. Don't you think so?

Yellow Flower Fairy

Pink Flower Fairy

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Craftgossip's Giveaway; My Etsy Wish List

When I read Craftgossip's post about their giveaway, I thought, what could possibly greater giveaway to me, than this one (if I won it). I'll have a chance to have unique fun craft supplies, the ones I can't find in my country, the ones I've been eyeing all this time at Etsy, yoohoo!

With US$ 100 as a limit, my wish list will be a long one, lol.
So, here they are (ooh, I'm so excited!):

1. The glorious ribbons:
  • A wired ribbon for my ribbon art project, in my favorite color (light pink), from Griffith Garden. $4.

Monday, August 9, 2010

To my fellow muslims & muslimas...

Ramadhan Mubarak...
Hope we all can do our ibadah successfully, in this holy month and afterward.
I also would like to apologize, for all the mistakes I may have done to you, my dear friends.
I've never meant it and I love you all for Allah's sake.
May Allah bless us all, amiin

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My newest project; what do you think?

Remember the multi looks bag I posted previously?
I made another one, similar to that on the post, but it reversible, so even more looks I can get from only 1 bag .
But because it's reversible, I made it without any embroidery/embellishment, I'm afraid if I do, when it's on the inside part, it will ruined because it flattened or tangled with the things I put inside.
Instead, I just put my magnetic corsage on, so it can be detached or moved from 1 side to another.

Look no.1: Denim clutch.

A New Craze: Cabochon Embroidery

Well, at least it's new for me. Beading embroidery it's not something unfamiliar for me, but I've never weave it into a cabochon embroidery before. I've been wanting to create one, I have the tools, supplies and tutes but hadn't got a chance to make it.

Yesterday, I spent a whole day, tried my hand on this, based on mbak Dini Sarbini's book.
Because it's just a first trial, I didn't dare to use the stiff stuff and faux suede for the backing. Instead, I used felt (lol!) and attached a magnet instead of a pin ( I love magnet, it won't make any hole if you attach it to anything ).
I have the cab made of resin from a picture I grabbed at The Graphic Fairy.
I appreciate any critics and suggestion for improvement, for I still not really happy on the ruffles edge I made .
So please, I welcome any comment(s) .

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

(Recap) "Koncoku Handmade" @ Pasar Nova, Jakarta, 31 July - 01 Aug 2010

Initially I was meant to attend Pasar Nova in "Koncoku" booth with my friends; mbak Puri of Ideku, mbak Dita of Cemprut, Anchy of Onigiri Shop and bu Pia of Idys. But for some reasons, I didn't come, I only consigned some products of mine to mbak Puri and bu Pia.

Nevertheless, "Koncoku" is my other "baby" (I'll write all about it in other blog, insha Allah), so I was excited and happy for my friends. So, when it's over, I urged mbak Dita to post the pictures and bu Pia to share the story of their activity in Pasar Nova .

How happy I was when mbak Dita granted my wish and bu Pia came to place to tell their stories. It seems they had fun, though they experienced heat and rain, that I quite regretted my decision to not to come. I'm happy that my friends had a good sales and "Koncoku" booth visited by many interested buyers and got good responses, alhamdulillah.

Here I'd like to share to you also the pictures and the fun my friends had

"Koncoku" booth


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