Thursday, August 30, 2012

BTS: Camera Shy :D

The 3 years old Almas is my distant relative that I haven't seen before Eid this year. She came to my mom's house with her parents and her 8 years old sister to do the silaturrahim. She's quite chatty, friendly, not a shy little girl.

An idea occured...I needed a model for my Calyx batik ruffled top and denim kid bloomer and she seems perfect for it. Her parents gladly gave me consent and my brother Reza were getting ready with the camera.

Problem started when Almas' mom tried to change her clothes. She was reluctant and of course I will never force any child to do against her will. I told her parents that if Almas doesn't feel like to be photographed, that's ok, we won't do it. But her parents so excited about it and try to talk her into it.

Clothes changed but every time she saw my brother behind the camera, ready to shoot her, she just hid behind her mom. Strangely, it was her sister, Bina, who was keen to be photographed :D . Unfortunately I don't have anything in her size ready at that moment, but we shot her anyway because she's a gorgeous little girl with many cute poses on her sleeves, though we can't use her pictures for Calyx (for now).

Almas, her older sister Bina and their mom.

Monday, August 27, 2012

BTS: A (too) Happy Baby :D

Syahdan is a very cute 6 months old baby. He's chubby, smiley, I rarely heard him crying. He's a grand son of (again) my mom's neighbor. I am glad that his mom allowed us, me and my brother Reza, to take a picture of him as a model of Calyx batik boy's shirt.

Despite being a happy baby, he's a very active one too. It's quite difficult to put a shirt on him. My mom helped me and she's sweating by the time the shirt has successfully put on him. He just kept on moving, when he was shot too. His chubby little legs moved as if he'd like to run around (but he hasn't walk yet), bit my hijab and all. We just kept on laughing, seeing what he did.

Thanks Syahdan and my brother Reza, for the cute pictures :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Belated Eid Greetings...

BTS: Photographing The Calyx Batik Sundress

Again, this is an over due post, but while I still on Eid Holiday, I think I'd better updating this (almost forgotten) blog of mine :D

I'm lucky to have a brother who was a graphic designer and knows about photography quite well. So when I need a good picture for my (slowly made) look book and my brother, Reza, agreed to help, I really feel grateful.

We asked a 9 years old daughter of my mum's neighbor, Vira, to model for us and she said ok. I put a very small make up on her, just a bit of powder and very thin layer of lipstick, I want her to looked as natural as possible.

Many people thought that a good picture should be taken in a studio or some place fancy. But my brother proved that it also can be taken in a place nearby. This pictures of the sundress were taken in Jalan Bali, a relatively quiet street near my mum's house.

Thanks again to my brother, Reza and our model, Vira, you're doing great job!

The photo session


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