Sunday, January 29, 2012

Perfect Giveaway this week :)

When sis Lia of Lia's Crafty Journey announced that the winner of her giveaway was me, I had never been happier. Not only because the giveaway were soo gorgeous (Alexander Henry's is among them!) but also included was a sweet note from her .

Can't say enough thanks to you sis Lia, these are perfect gift for a fabric freak like me, lol...
My, how many ideas I can get to work on these beauties... projects

Saturday, January 14, 2012

(Almost) Always With RE

RE on the above title stands for Ribbon Embroidery.
You see, my first love in craft was with RE. I saw a beautiful ribbon embroidered blouse in a local mag, I called to ask the price which turned to be too much for my budget and lead me to learning all about those beautiful ribbon stitches, up until now. I learned it from books, AJ. Boesra's, Di Van Niekerk's, Chris Rankin's and Ann Cox's. After that, I bought many local ribbon embroidery books too (beside AJ. Boesra's) like Rosa Amalia's (which is my online friend here), Yossi Zulkarnaen's, Endang Rachminingsih's, and many more, for inspirations.

Whatever craft I made, I've tried to put ribbon embroidery in it, if possible, because not only I love the looks and doing it, but also I feel I owe my existence in the craft community to ribbon embroidery (Sounds too much, eh? Lol)

Now let's get to another story. Almost every crafter I know have an owl creation. I myself love the owl ever since I read Edward Lear's poem about "The Owl and The Pussycat" which I found both funny and cute. As the matter of fact, I made a pochette based on that poem.

As written above, almost every crafter I know have an owl creation. To the point where sometimes there are little bit of "clashes" where one "stole" other design, one claimed to be the best owl creator, and so on. While there is a strict rule between crafters that one can be inspired by others but NOT duplicating theirs (for commercial use), I think there's no problem if every crafter have an owl creation (of course, as long as it's not "pirated" pattern), the more the merrier . Now, I'd like to have one(s) too, but of course with my own rendition. Since I consider my self as a stitcher, these are my version of owl plushies:

To be honest, I was inspired by Aimee Ray's, but I'm sure, as you all can see, I'm not trying to be her . What do you think?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Being double now...

There are 2 reasons why I haven't updated my blog for such a long time...
1. My tweenie have become more and more attached to the fb now
2. I have a new job, an office job. So I'm doing double jobs now, office work 9 to 5, crafting afterward.
At first, I feel overwhelmed, because being a "single" parent, doing double jobs, it really is not easy. Hats off for those who've been doing this for quite a while ! Not only I feel handful, but also sad to leave my son at his grandparent's, sometimes alone at our place. For 13 years, I've been nurturing him, never leave him to anyone but hubby (and that's on veeery rare occasions!). But I have no inlaws are getting older, they often have to be treated at the hospitals because of their illness. Separated from my husband, turns out quite hard on financial, it's like funding 2 households. So I have to earn more than just what I usually get from my craft, if I want to have little money in the saving and for my son's lessons and extra activities.


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