Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BTS: Back to my roots

I'm a mixed tribes child, mom is Sundanese and father is from Bugis, that's why I have an "Andi" in front of my name.

My wedding was done in Bugis tradition, but with Sundanese music in the background, lol...

My tribes became my inspiration too, now that I'm in baby & kids fashion business. My Calyx Batik Bloomer set and almost all of the Calyx collection was made of Tasik batik from Tasikmalaya, an area close to my mom's hometown, Bandung. Now I thought I have to bring a bit of Bugis, another part of my roots, to Calyx as well.

That's why I designed a Bajubodo inspired clothing as the newest thing in Calyx collection. The real Bajubodo is (actually written as Baju Bodo) a Bugis woman's traditional clothing, worn usually for traditional events.

I named my rendition of Baju Bodo, Bajubodo Petticoat. It's because I paired the Baju Bodo inspired blouse with a petticoat skirt made of the Bugis sarong. The sarong, usually silk, but here I use a blend of silk and rayon, just to make it easily maintained.

To complete the look, I put a Tulle Blooms Headband on Vira's head, because in traditional Baju Bodo, the women usually put on their headbands too, made of metal with tiny rocking metal flowers on them. So the tulle headband is the "modern" & cute version of the traditional one.

I asked my brother +Reza Mappanganro , as usual, to photograph the clothes. The model is a 9 years old Vira, she modeled for me before, for the Calyx Batik Sun Dress.

There was one incident happened during the photo shoot. When we tried to photographed Vira under a tree, we were attacked by big red ants! Though we quickly got the ants away from us, some still managed to stung us. So there were times that the three of us scratching ourselves between shots, lol...

There is also another kind of Bajubodo Petticoat, a slightly different design. But it still in the making, coming soon ;)


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