Sunday, May 9, 2010

Making my own sew in labels

So, here's the case:
it was a week before Inacraft when I realized I don't have any sew in label for my Calyx products !
To order the manufacture made, there won't be enough time; the minimum pcs required are too many for me, therefore they were also cost quite a lot. At that time I only need 24 pcs, and I've spent most of the budget for the Calyx production & the Inacraft tenant's fees.
I thought, what should I do? So I tried to make ones, hoping that it would be finished on time and I won't have to add much more costs to the budget.

I bought a white felt sheet, measured 51x24cm (it was only IDR 5000). Made an embroidery pattern of Calyx Id, then layered the felt sheet with a fusible stabilizer (viselin) to allow it to be stretched along the embroidery hoop. Have it embroidered, voila, 24 pcs of a very simple sew in labels done

Thing left to do was just to cut the felt sheet into 5x2,5cm labels, ready to be sew in


Love to hear from you, thanks for your comments :)


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