Friday, November 5, 2010


Sigh...nothing I hate more than relocating...
It's not about adapting to the new place and so on, what I hate is packing and unpacking!
We're such a hoarder, so many things to packed, threw away or sell...
my son's a bit reluctant because he's a young man now, he feels quite attach to his friends here.

So, yes, we are relocating. Hubby got a job abroad while I might be still in Bandar Lampung for a few months, until my son finish his primary school, but we definitely won't be staying at the hotel anymore as the end of this month. My apology to my customers, I'd probably won't make any new creations during that time, except just a couple of orders I had agreed earlier.

Mind you, the picture below is not mine, but I think that's what mine will looked like, lol


  1. Bu mau kemana sihh? jakarta aja yukkk :)

  2. Wkwkwk, mau pindah rumah dulu, krn hubby kan akhir bulan ini insya Allah pindah ke LN, jadi ga tinggal di Sheraton lagi :P
    Sementara aku di Bdl dulu, nunggu si Kiki lulus SD, abis itu pindah deh, ke Bandung...kembali ke pangkuan ortu, hahaha...

  3. ihhhh mbak lia mau kemana sihhh?? *ikut2an*
    btw, thanks ya mbak udah follw SW.
    enak nih bisa berkumpul bersama keluarga lg di bandung, tp hampa juga ya gak ada suami ^^ kapan nyusul ke LN nya mbak?

  4. He3, musti follow dong, masya udah ketemu orgnya, aku ga follow ;)
    Makasii juga udah follow back :)
    Iya ni, mau ke Bandung, emang ga enak sih, ga ngumpul sama suami, tapi masih bisa kunjung2an at least setahun 2x lah, he3...belum bisa nyusul kesana, krn contract nya ga include keluarga, tapi mudah2an ke depannya nanti bisa bareng lagi, mohon doanya aja yaa :)

  5. Aaaaaaamin!!!!! Good luck mbak!!!!


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