Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yaay, gifts...alhamdulillah!

This post is actually over due, but I only got a chance to write it down today.
A couple of weeks ago, I received two packages, one was from my lovely aunt Jia of Fauzia's art & craft and the other was from my very dear of mine, mbak Dita of Handmade Nest. Alhamdulillah!

Jia sent me a beautiful, intricate necklace with pendant which also can be wore as a brooch (double kind of things!). She sent it for an exchange of the pochette I sent her for her birthday, though I really don't expect anything from her. It's made of wire works and stone, I suspected it was quite time consuming to make. Beautiful! Love it so much, thanks Jia, muach2!

I've been wanting to have a wireworks jewelry for some it's mine!

The package I received from mbak Dita was also a heart melting goodies. She sent it to me without any particular reason at all, that's so sweet of her! I told her, I considered it as a craft swap. As soon as I'm settled in my new place, I will make something for her.

What a surprise, I didn't expect her to send me that much!
Let me show you the pretty things she made her self:

A felt balls necklace...always think that this is a signature of mbak Dita, because she didn't make it out of a ready made pompoms, but felt shaped by felting tools (I don't even know what its name, lol), I don't think many Indonesian crafter do it and I know it's painstakingly made. Funky!

Ethnic if she could read my mind, that my favorite color is black :)

Lovely tiny things :)

I've been eyeing this fabric flower hair pin for some time...

Another wireworks, how lucky I am! Alhamdulillah!

A very sweet and touching note from mbak Dita...

The back of the note...cute and so appropriate :)

The note attached to the gift is soo touching...mbak Dita, it is I who inspired by you, you're young but yet multitalented, you have a warm heart and super sweet!
Thanks so much, not only for the gift, but most important thing is for the sweet friendship we have...huuugs!

Anyway, the packing is still going on although now we have a confirmed date of 20 of December for our relocation. And yes, this time, the picture below really is mine...boxes filled our room, it's hard to move around here, lol...


  1. Mbak AndiLia.. Aku ada Blog Award buat mbak..semoga berkenan..


  2. wah lagi sibuk-kah? Great gifts, nonetheless..

  3. Mbak Niiing, how are youuu?
    Iya ni, sibuk relocating, jadi agak jarang ngeblog ni...
    Thanks for your nice comment :)

  4. ..aaaww so many pretty things, lucky you :D

    eh mb Lia aq ada award untukmu lowh..


  5. Hehehe, hiya, alhamdulillah..
    Waa, makasii banyak mb Ina, huuugs!


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