Sunday, May 9, 2010

Making my own sew in labels

So, here's the case:
it was a week before Inacraft when I realized I don't have any sew in label for my Calyx products !
To order the manufacture made, there won't be enough time; the minimum pcs required are too many for me, therefore they were also cost quite a lot. At that time I only need 24 pcs, and I've spent most of the budget for the Calyx production & the Inacraft tenant's fees.
I thought, what should I do? So I tried to make ones, hoping that it would be finished on time and I won't have to add much more costs to the budget.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Jeweller's pochette

I think nobody knows that Fauzia is actually my aunt.
She's a daughter of my grandma's cousin, so family-tree wise, I should call her auntie, but I don't, considering that she's still young, even younger than my self . I call her Jia, her childhood's nickname.

We'd been lost contact for quite a long time (with her relocated and I relocated even more often, lol, etc) and never would any of us thought that the web will someday reunited us (online, because we live in different islands now; I'm in Bandar Lampung, Sumatera and she's in Bogor, Java Island).

I was so overwhelming when one day she send me a pm and asked whether I'm the Andi Lia she knew. I was also happy to know that we both are interested in craft; mine is more about needle works (and bag designing, of course) and she's a jeweller (wireworker, beader, kawater, that's what the craft community address them self; I prefer to call them jeweller, since they create many beautiful pieces of jewelry). Since then, we often do silaturrahim, chatting or just comment on each other's postings .

A couple of months ago (if I'm not mistaken, Jia, cmiiw), she asked about my pochette that she wants to buy. She requested it to be plain, without any embellishment, but with the usual bag handle/necklace (detached from the bag, the handle can be worn as a necklace). Noticing that her birthday's coming, I decided to send it as a gift. And knowing that as a jeweller, she must be planning something special to compliments the plain pochette, I asked her to send me the "after make-over" picture of the pochette.


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