Friday, March 4, 2011

A Bar of Chocolate

This afternoon, after school, before he went for his Sakamoto Math lesson, my son told me that he'd like to go to the nearby convenience store after the lesson, to buy something out of his own money.

I asked, what do you want to buy? He said, something. I got suspicious and asked further more.
He answered, snack and asked me back, why I kept asking. I said, I have to know whatever he want to buy, because I'm his mom, he's my responsibility, what happened if, God forbid, he turned out buying drugs?

He lightly said, " First, I'm not that self-torturing person. Second, that store doesn't sell any. Third, I don't have enough money for that."
True, so I said ok.

When he got back, I was in front of the lappy, replying the birthday wishes. Suddenly he put something inside the convenience store's plastic bag in front of me. I took it out of the bag, it was a chocolate bar. He said, "I know I've said happy birthday to you early this morning, but I want to give something for a present."

Aww, my dear that's what you bought, a chocolate bar for my birthday present!
Forgive my previous suspicion, but well, you know your mom, lol...

The thought of him, sparing some of little money he owned, to buy me a present, touched my heart, subhanallah. It's not an expensive and fancy chocolate, but it's surely the tastiest I've ever ate !

My son, he can be so sweet sometimes...just wish he can keep it that way forever .

Thank you baby, may Allah bless you and help you keeping that big heart, amiin....

PS: Special thanks to my family, my friends and colleagues, thank you all for the birthday wishes, may Allah bless you!


  1. mba lia, selamat ulang tahun ya.. semoga selalu dalam lindungan Allah SWt, sehat wal afiat selalu bersama keluarga tercinta..

    *hug ;)

  2. Makasii banyak mbak Fitria, amiin Allahumma amiin... :)
    Big hugs!

  3. Hehehe, mbak Ina, aku juga, apalagi si abg ini kan jarang2 kayak begini, biasanya nyantai & cuek2 aja :)

  4. waah...jd ikut terharu,
    btw, selamat ulang tahun y mb lia (better late than never kan?!)

  5. Waduh...telaaatt T_T
    Selamat ultah ya Mbak, semoga putranya menjadi anak yg sholeh

  6. Mbak Dewiii... :D
    Gapapa telat mbak, yang penting doanya, amiin Allahuma amiin...
    Makasii ya mbak :)


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