Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beads Couture Needle

Remember my post about Tambour stitching?

As I said in the past, I will save some money to buy the tool, because I really interested in it, but it's relatively pricey for me.
Today, I've received the tool I ordered from here. It was Clover's and came with a plastic tube to keep the needle.
So happy, I tried it right away. At first, it's kinda awkward because I've never use it before.
But after 3 trials, I finally got it and love the tool because it make stitching (whether it beads or chain stitch) done faster (and more even in size...I think) .

This is the result of using the needle for beads stitching

These are the chain stitches I made with the needle. Not bad, eh?

Hmm, projects, projects...


  1. Keren alatnya? Iya sis, jadi seneng pakenya :)

  2. mba lia.. ada mba
    cuman aku via send by email
    soalnye kagak punya fb ato twiter hehe
    klo mba mau
    leave comment in my shoutbox yahpz
    ntar aku email in


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