Friday, January 13, 2012

Being double now...

There are 2 reasons why I haven't updated my blog for such a long time...
1. My tweenie have become more and more attached to the fb now
2. I have a new job, an office job. So I'm doing double jobs now, office work 9 to 5, crafting afterward.
At first, I feel overwhelmed, because being a "single" parent, doing double jobs, it really is not easy. Hats off for those who've been doing this for quite a while ! Not only I feel handful, but also sad to leave my son at his grandparent's, sometimes alone at our place. For 13 years, I've been nurturing him, never leave him to anyone but hubby (and that's on veeery rare occasions!). But I have no inlaws are getting older, they often have to be treated at the hospitals because of their illness. Separated from my husband, turns out quite hard on financial, it's like funding 2 households. So I have to earn more than just what I usually get from my craft, if I want to have little money in the saving and for my son's lessons and extra activities.

Anyway, working in the office needs a bit adjustment in me. I've worked as hotelier before, a profession I considered as a "Glam military"; tough discipline like in military, but looked "glam" with the hotel decor and all. So I came with high work ethics, a hope to work as professional as before. The truth is, it's nothing like work as hotelier nor in creative industry. In short, I'm doing it simply for the money, that's it. What to expect, it's quite hard for a 40 yo mother to look for a job, everybody seems to prefer fresh graduated young girl (which I think non sense, because older people usually more motivated, because they have family to be fed), so I took any decent job available. And when I came home in the evening, I can "inhale"; doing my craft (where my passion lies) while watching and accompanying my son.

Btw, my son brought a little surprise the other day... a girl fancy him ! He was surprised himself, because he considered himself as "hideous", it's odd that a girl likes him. But I told him many times before, that he's not allowed to court, that he has to respect girls as written in Qur'an and hadist and I think (and hope) he understood.

My newest experiment in craft was actually based on a friend's suggestion. She'd like to see me making brooch, not as "shiny" as the one I've madebefore, but something light and cute for teens. So I came up with these:


  1. Good luck for your new job, mbak Lia....
    Semoga segala sesuatunya dimudahkan.

  2. Mb Tyke, ini postingan udah lama, sekarang aku udah resign lagi dari kerjaan kantor ini :D
    Ternyata jadi crafter yang baik ga bisa setengah2 ;)


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