Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Camera, action!

It's been a loooong time I haven't been involved in a TV shooting (last time was when I was still in high school, shooting for a TV musical,lol). But, on Thursday May 31, 2012, I had a chance to do it again.

The shooting was for Trans7's programme, "Warna", a programme which usually features small businesses. There supposed to be three of us, me and my partners in craft, mbak Vivi and ibu Pia of Idys. Unfortunately ibu Pia unable to come due to her business in Bandar Lampung. So there we were, me and mbak Vivi, talking about Calyx's batik products. Taken place in the Idys Store and ibu Pia's house in Jakarta.

It involved two 9 months old smiley babies, a curios 3 years old girl (mbak Vivi's niece), an active 1,5 years old boy (Arka, mbak Vivi's son), a pretty 3 years old girl named Alby and a gorgeous 10 years old girl whose name I regretfully forgot (hey, I'm not 17 anymore! Lol!)

Anyway, it was aired on Monday, May 04. It feels kinda weird though, to see yourself on TV after a loong loong time...heehee...
My father recorded it, so here it is...

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