Monday, January 31, 2011


Primula's Minaudiere

Here are some definitions of minaudiere I found in the web:

"The minaudieres themselves are also a fancy version of a clutch. They are usually made from luxurious material and quite often encrusted with jewels (most often crystal). As such, they are obviously a high end item and to be used for very special occasions.

According to the official definition, the word "minaudiere" comes from the French word minaudier. It's perhaps not the most flattering word to choose. It means affected or smirking."


Jennifer Lopez clutching a minaudiere at Golden Globe 2011

"A minaudiere (pronounced mee-no-dyair) is a small ornamental case carried as a handbag or clutch. Originally inspired by ornate jewelry boxes, minaudieres are often decorated with exquisite materials and can come in a variety of unique shapes. Sometimes minaudières are called minaudiers or box clutches.

Minaudières are perfect for your most formal occasions and they are wonderful conversation pieces. Carrying one is like carrying a piece of art on your arm and everyone will want to know where you got it."


Mila Kunis with her minaudiere at SAG award 2011

"a small decorative case for carrying small articles (as cosmetics or jewelry)"


...and I've been thinking of making some at the moment


  1. ibuuu...sibuk ya...baru posting lagi.... tas nya cantik cantik cantiiik :)

  2. Mb Ditaaa :D
    Sibuk settling d tempat baru, hehehe...
    Punyaku yang Primula aja mbak, belum nyampe k J-Lo & Mila Kunis :D


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