Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good bye hotel, hello new place!

So, it's been near a month now, we are staying at the new place.
We rent a newly built, clean, 2 bed rooms space, with one sitting room, one bath room, small kitchen and a spacious shared yard. It's enough for me & my son to lived in until my son graduated from primary school, then we'll be (sigh...packing's on my mind!) move again to Bandung, West Java, my hometown.

The new place is so close to my son's school, that he walks every day to and from school.
The land owners are young, newly married couple, they're so friendly and nice.
There are some eateries, convenience store and laundry, all within 3 minutes walking distance...5 minutes walk to the mall .

The shared yard, seen from our front door. The building on the left is the land owner's house.

A little hut with a pond of timid fishes built beneath it, in a corner of the yard.

Alhamdulillah, things begin to settled down a bit (though there are still some hateful boxes, waiting to be unpacked, sigh). I enjoy the house chores, (things that I didn't really do when we were at the hotel, because they have service, lol) it's like playing house, lol... so much so that I almost forgot about my craft, lol...
Now that I'm getting use to the new routine, I'm working on a new batch of kids hijab...

Pak Wawan family (especially Fathia & her mom, of course) has been visited us more than couple of times (I personally feel that some thing's missing if I haven't see Fathia & her mom in a week, lol).

The one thing I missed on the first night we stay here, strangely, are people (and my husband, obviously ).
At the hotel, when we go out of our room, we see the employees, guests, security staffs, day and night. Here, I only see the land owners occasionally, because both of them work.

But soon I don't feel lonely anymore, because there are 2 mosques nearby, the sound of people reading verses of Qur'an just before shalat, through loud speakers, have a calming effects on me. Maybe, because it reminds me of my parent's house back in my hometown, which also have the same situation, close to 2 mosques.

So, good bye hotel, hello new "home" (for at least 6 months, lol)

Fathia was standing in front of our door


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