Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Craft Swap, Alhamdulillah :)

Me and mbak Samsiah of Shafaa Craft have been online friends for quite a long time, as I remember.
And all this time, we haven't meet each other in person, of course because I lived in Bandar Lampung (that time), she's in Jakarta. Now I live in Bandung which relatively closer to Jakarta, took 2 hours drive, but still haven't got a chance to meet, lol...

Though we only keep in touch online, I just knew (from her blog & comments) that she's such a sweet person that I can trust. That's why I really hoping we can work together when I asked her to share a booth at Bazaar Arafah.

I was right, she's so easy to cooperate with, trusted and super kind. When she said she has an eye for Calyx cupcake hijab, but unfortunately it was sold, I instantly said that I would make another one for her as my thanks for her good cooperation in the bazaar.

Surprise, surprise, when I asked her to kindly send me back the items that haven't sold on that bazaar, she included a pretty brooch, beautifully crafted by her self, alhamdulillah !

Shafaa Craft's pretty cabochon brooch

To mbak Iah, I the brooch, a lot!
So sorry for not sending the swap sooner, because I ran out of material (my supplier just came back from Eid holiday, she just opens today).

Pink Calyx Cupcake hijab with matching pin

I hope she likes it, just as much as I like her brooch...I just hope we can meet each other off line soon and work together as a team again, amiin


Love to hear from you, thanks for your comments :)


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