Sunday, October 16, 2011

A New Place (again, sigh)

As written in my previous blog, I wasn't happy with the place I lived in Bandung.
No, not because it's an old house, it's just have not enough electricity to be use by 2 families and that other family who live there wasn't happy to share the house with me and my son.

So we moved again, still in Bandung city but this time we chose a house built specifically to let the rooms for rent, located not far from my parent's. There are 24 rooms and we rent 2 rooms which available. We like it here better than the previous one, alhamdulillah, obviously because each room have its own bath, enough electricity and it's quieter here, more plants and trees too.

Love the jasmines on the yard, always smell nice each time I pass it

Unfortunately our rooms are in second floor, so that moving in was quite exhausting.
But once it's over, I can slowly settle down and quickly back to my work .

My son in front of our rooms

Insya Allah, we're gonna be here for a while, I'm tired of relocating, unless it's to move to our own or to be live together again with hubby . Amiin...

Anyway, "Gigi" hijabs are back, now only pink, light brown and black colors are still available

"Gigi" hijab, sold as a set with below matching pin


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  2. Whoa that gigi hijab was really cute and unique XD
    very creative and inspiring

    Salam kenal :D
    hope u visit my blog
    thx a lot

  3. Hi Annisa, salam kenal juga :)
    Will visit your blog very soon, thanks :)


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