Monday, August 27, 2012

BTS: A (too) Happy Baby :D

Syahdan is a very cute 6 months old baby. He's chubby, smiley, I rarely heard him crying. He's a grand son of (again) my mom's neighbor. I am glad that his mom allowed us, me and my brother Reza, to take a picture of him as a model of Calyx batik boy's shirt.

Despite being a happy baby, he's a very active one too. It's quite difficult to put a shirt on him. My mom helped me and she's sweating by the time the shirt has successfully put on him. He just kept on moving, when he was shot too. His chubby little legs moved as if he'd like to run around (but he hasn't walk yet), bit my hijab and all. We just kept on laughing, seeing what he did.

Thanks Syahdan and my brother Reza, for the cute pictures :)


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