Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BTS: Photographing The Calyx Batik Sundress

Again, this is an over due post, but while I still on Eid Holiday, I think I'd better updating this (almost forgotten) blog of mine :D

I'm lucky to have a brother who was a graphic designer and knows about photography quite well. So when I need a good picture for my (slowly made) look book and my brother, Reza, agreed to help, I really feel grateful.

We asked a 9 years old daughter of my mum's neighbor, Vira, to model for us and she said ok. I put a very small make up on her, just a bit of powder and very thin layer of lipstick, I want her to looked as natural as possible.

Many people thought that a good picture should be taken in a studio or some place fancy. But my brother proved that it also can be taken in a place nearby. This pictures of the sundress were taken in Jalan Bali, a relatively quiet street near my mum's house.

Thanks again to my brother, Reza and our model, Vira, you're doing great job!

The photo session

It's done, yaay!

I loove this one!

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