Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My purchase this week

I bought some of my supplies online, for sometimes I cannot find the things I need for my creations in my town.
Most of them are MP shops, but recently I found a shop in E-bay who sells many cute fabric & quilt blocks. Mind you, I love Indonesian batik and traditional fabric, it's just sometimes a crafter needs variations .
So, the shop I was talking about is Grandma's Sewing Room Stash, located in US. I managed to purchase one panel of 33 Fairy quilt blocks and won a bid at the same shop for a panel of 9 Boutique Items quilt blocks, which I thought would be perfect for my pouch projects.

I've already made stitches on some of these small blocks (Grrr...can't wait to finish 'em all!)

Last but not least, my MP friend, Dini Sarbini, who's a talented beader, had just published her tutorials and some of her inspirational works on cabochon in a book this month.
As her fan and a person who always want to learn (especially about cabochon creations), of course I was so interested. What's best is, she was able to sell the book online with...wait, drum roll, please...her signature! It was an offer I couldn't pass !

So, two days ago, I received the book, alhamdulillah. I'm so excited, the instructions are so clear and the book included the step-by-step pictures. I can't wait to try making something based on those tutes! And I love her signature too, personally written for me!
Thanks so much mbak Dini, love your book and I wish you success, amiin .

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