Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Try my hand on drawing (again)

Drawing is my hobby when I was very young. My father was an architect, drawing tools were cluttered around the house so it's easy for me to got influenced (apparently it wasn't only me, later on my brother become a graphic designer). Funny thing was, I only drew with markers, I wasn't interested in other notions.

But I stopped drawing since, I think, around 3rd or 4th grade. My hobby was shifted to writing. I wrote teenlits, poetry, etc (but never got them published though, my readers were all my close friends ). When I got older, when I was at high school, I stopped writing because of my extra activities at school, namely acting class, discussion group, choir, joining a band & vocal lesson. At college I was even more busier, juggling between study and part time job as a radio DJ.

And now, I got interested in drawing again, since my collaboration with mb Puri on Calyx products got a good response at the Inacraft. They were mb Puri's drawings on fabric, so I just curious to try my own. A bit rusty though ...
These are meant to be on the new batch of Calyx Multi Function Backpack.

Alice's fall to the rabbit hole


I used Crayola Fabric Markers and Pentel Pastel Dye Sticks. The markers were bled on cotton fabric, so I have to put on the white colored dye stick first as a base, heat the fabric with iron as written in the instructions, then draw on it with markers and iron it again (markers and dye sticks have different ironing instructions).

But as a person who often works with embroidery, I feel like I was "cheating" if I don't include a bit of hand stitches here and there, lol. So there they are, my mixed media works .


  1. aaaw....lutju sekali....
    bagus gambar nya lo...


  2. Hehehe, makasii mb Dita...alhamdulillah kalo dibilang bagus :)

  3. LOVE the rapunzel!
    Stunning! ^^

  4. Thank you mb, really glad that you like it :)

  5. What did you use to draw on fabric? I only notice once a box of fabric crayon but that wouldn't do details like yours.

  6. I used markers (Crayola) & Pentel crayons only. The rest are hand-stitches :)

  7. Bu Lia gambarnya oke lohh :)
    ayo bikin yg lainnya lg..yg banyak..
    btw puisi n cerita2 prndrknys dipublish dong.. biar aku n yg lain bs baca jg... :)

  8. Hehehe, makasi mb Puri, udah lama juga ga gambar niy :P
    Waduh, pada kemana ya cerpen2 & puisiku? Abis itu udah duluuu bgt, jamannya SD sampe SMA an...


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