Thursday, June 24, 2010

Alhamdulillah...thanks so much, mbak Ina :)

This is the sequel of my previous post.

So, I received a package on Monday. Reading that the sender is mbak Ina of Feathering a Nest, I impatiently opened the big envelope. Tadaa, a pretty pouch bag

I love the colors, the combination of black (in harsh light, it become coffee color, how wonderful!), white, tan and a splash of shocking pink colors will go very well with any outfit.
I love the look of it, modern but yet classy.
I love the fabric, it's so comfy to the touch and it has batik part; at the inside lining and the wrist strap.
I love the size of it, just what I need for a quick trip around the town.
I love the story it tells (because the theme of our craft swap was "something that tells story"); as written in mbak Ina's blog, it's about a woman.
Quoting her lines:
"A woman who look modest yet pretty outside, while vibrant and even more beautiful inside. That's how women should be, in my opinion :)"
I'm soo with you, mbak

So, in general, I'm so happy with the swap
Even my best friend, bu Pia, who happened to see me clutching it, had a crush on that pouch bag


  1. Alhamdulillah, ikutan seneeeeeeng deh ^^
    Makasih ya mbak Lia :)

  2. bener apa kata aku... mbak Ina itu kreatif gila !!! haha... aku suka idenya, kombinasi warna ma bahan... long live Mbak Ina !!! hehe...


  3. Iya, sama kreatifnya sama yang ngomen ini (mb Dita), hihihi...
    Beruntung deh aku, punya teman2 artist ;)

  4. aku liat tasnya pas mba Andi Lia maen ke tobucil.. wuuuuahhh kerenn aku suka kombinasinya dan detail daunnya itu.. kerenn!!

  5. Iyaya mb Tarlen, enak banget lagi pakenya, aku bawa kemana-mana tu di Bandung, hehehe...
    Btw, foto kita berdua sudah ada ka? Makasii lho, seneng banget kopdaran sama mb tarlen & ngunjungi Tobucil, tempatnya ngebetahin banget :) Ntar ketemu lagi di Pasar Seni ITB yaa, insya Allah :)


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