Friday, April 15, 2011

The Sukaraja Club

As written in my previous blog, the less fortunate women of Sukaraja, Lampung, had been participating in one of Rumah Zakat programmes, which is a free workshop, intended to empower them.

But Rumah Zakat didn't stop there. They talked to ibu Pia of Idys and I on how to generate extra income for the Sukaraja women. What a coincidence! Ibu Pia and I had a "human resources crisis", we need extra hands to assist us on our productions for Inacraft 2011 and it's easier for us to work together with the Sukaraja women because we trained them our self, we can "shape" their quality of work to meet our standards. We provided materials, designs, commissions, etc and they were given freedom to choose any part of work they'd like to take. So we discussed it further with Rumah Zakat and the women of Sukaraja and they agreed to collaborate with us.

From more than 24 women who attended our free workshop, only few of them who are willing and happy to join us in our productions. Others are simply too busy with their daily life, they have babies, etc. So let me introduce you to the talented women of Sukaraja and some of their creations, achieved after intense trainings with us these several weeks:

Mrs. Betty working on a ribbon embroidered curtain

Mrs. Farida, the accessories wonder

Mrs. Ida, the fabric flower expert

Mrs. Junah, one of the blanket stitch/applique clique member

Mrs. Rika, working on blanket stitches

Mrs. Rosa, one of the ribbon embroiderer

Mrs. Sonia, with her blanket stitched/applique jumper

Mrs. Yanti, working on buttons bracelets

Shy Mrs. Yul, member of blanket stitcher/applique clique

So, if you purchase any of Idys, Calyx or Primula products, means that you've also helping these modest women of Sukaraja earning extra income, sincere thanks from all of us .

PS: We're taking their creations to this event. Check it out .


  1. Alhamdulillah, seneng banget bacanya ^^

  2. Alhamdulillah kalo mb Ina senang, aku bersyukur Allah sudah membuka jalan utk berkreasi bersama mereka :)


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