Sunday, April 24, 2011

Recycled Mini Embroidery Hoop

Once a friend asked if I could make another "Love to Sew" bag, but instead of sewing, she'd like the theme to be about embroidery.
I thought, there won't be much different with sewing theme, the only significant thing is the embroidery hoop. It has to be mini, as the same size as miniature things used in doll house.
I came up with the idea of making one, using recycled objects, which were mineral bottle cap's rings.

To make one, we need:

1. Two mineral bottle cap's rings (the ones left on the bottle's neck). They're made of plastic. You can use toilet paper cardboard tube cut into rings too, but I want my bag to be washable and we all know cardboard will be ruined if mixed with water.

2. A scrap of fabric.

3. Sticky tape and a good glue. I use E6000, because it was proven to stick well on plastic.

Here we go (apologize for the poor quality of the pictures though :P) ...

1. One of the bottle cap ring will be the inner hoop, while the other will be the outer. Cut the one intended to be the inner hoop, so it will be fitted the outer one.

2. Measure and adjust the size of the inner hoop by putting it inside the outer one.

3. Stick both cut ends of the inner hoop with a tape.

4. Smear a thin layer of glue to the outer side of the inner hoop.

5. Cover the inner hoop with a scrap of fabric. Now, you can make an embroidery on the fabric before hand, but here I just use the plain fabric and make stitches on it later.

6. Put the outer hoop around the fabric covered inner hoop.

7. Voila, our mini embroidery hoop's ready!

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  1. Hehehe, iya mb, cukup lah buat Barbie ;)

  2. bagus banget ide recyclenya mbak.. :D

  3. Hehehe, mkasii mbak Lia, dari kepepet munculah ide :D

  4. Mbak Lia memang benar-benar kreatif, dari barang-barang yang untuk orang lain sudah tidak terpakai disulap menjadi sesuatu yang bermanfaat. Stay creative mbak Lia!!!

  5. Mb Hanyyy :D
    Makasii, kan bergaul dgn crafter2 kreatif juga, spt mb Hany :)

  6. adaaa aja teh lia.. bener2 kreatippp :)
    aku ada award untukmuu

  7. Huaaa, mb Inaaa, makasiii *peluks*
    Meluncurrr... :)


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