Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Craftgossip's Giveaway; My Etsy Wish List

When I read Craftgossip's post about their giveaway, I thought, what could possibly greater giveaway to me, than this one (if I won it). I'll have a chance to have unique fun craft supplies, the ones I can't find in my country, the ones I've been eyeing all this time at Etsy, yoohoo!

With US$ 100 as a limit, my wish list will be a long one, lol.
So, here they are (ooh, I'm so excited!):

1. The glorious ribbons:
  • A wired ribbon for my ribbon art project, in my favorite color (light pink), from Griffith Garden. $4.

  • Diva Glam grossgrain ribbon from Tliss. $ 2.95

  • Laundry Day grossgrain ribbon, also from Tliss. $1.65

2. The Whimsical Fabrics:
  • Cinderella and Princess Vinyl Fabric from Fabricsupply. $ 8.

Michael Miller's Flower Fairies Fabric from Mineymo. $ 2.25

  • Alexander Henry's Nursery Rhymes Fabric from Rainbowfabric. $ 4.25

  • Timeless treasure - Geisha Dolls from Uberstitch. $ 2.25

3. Other wonderful supplies:
  • A Stitch In Time novelty buttons from Tliss. $ 2.

  • 8pcs Versacraft inkpad for fabric from Karaku. $ 26

  • 3pcs petite stamp collection, also from Karaku. I would love to have the matryoshka, bird cage and tree stamp :) $ 9

Total amount of US$97.78.

There! Now I just have to pray hard, hoping that I could win these beauties, amiin :)


Love to hear from you, thanks for your comments :)


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