Sunday, August 8, 2010

My newest project; what do you think?

Remember the multi looks bag I posted previously?
I made another one, similar to that on the post, but it reversible, so even more looks I can get from only 1 bag .
But because it's reversible, I made it without any embroidery/embellishment, I'm afraid if I do, when it's on the inside part, it will ruined because it flattened or tangled with the things I put inside.
Instead, I just put my magnetic corsage on, so it can be detached or moved from 1 side to another.

Look no.1: Denim clutch.

Look no. 2: Denim tote.

Look no. 3: (reversed side) batik & faux suede clutch

Look no. 4: Batik tote

Look no. 5: Faux suede tote

Look no. 6: Batik clutch

Look no. 7: Batik sling bag

Look no. 8: Batik & faux suede sling bag

Or/and you can attach the corsage to your blouse

Thanks to Fathia, who was willing to modeled for me


  1. ibuuuu....bagusnyaaaaaa......
    modelnya juga cantiiikkk...jadi kangen pengen cubit pipinyaaaaa....


  2. Makasii mb Dita :)
    Pipinya Fath? Ntar aku wakili yaa, hehehe...

  3. cantiiiik !
    paduan warnanya bisa soft banget ^^

  4. Hehehe, makasii mb Ina :)
    Warnanya sih, aku ngikutin batiknya aja, kan biru, ada sentuhan coklatnya ;)

  5. mba... manis banget model dan warnanya aku suka sekali perpaduannya... :)

  6. Makasii mb Tarlen, alhamdulillah kalo mb Tarlen suka :)

  7. baguusss bgtttt... bisa ganti2 gaya terus nih dgn 1 tas. itu modelnya boleh dipinjam ga Bu? hihihi sekali2 jd model ideku handmade :) hihihi..
    *enaknya yg punya "halaman luas" jd foto2nya bisa ok :)

  8. Makasii mb Puri...Fathia mau dipinjem? Tanya bu Pia aja, hehehe...
    (Hehehe, hiya, nebeng halaman :P)

  9. Bagus banget tasnya mbak
    oh ya, aku follow blognya ya :)

    Citra @ innocentia

  10. Alhamdulillah, makasii, senang kalo mb Dewi suka :)
    Monggo2 mbak, aku bales follow juga yaa :)


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