Wednesday, August 4, 2010

(Recap) "Koncoku Handmade" @ Pasar Nova, Jakarta, 31 July - 01 Aug 2010

Initially I was meant to attend Pasar Nova in "Koncoku" booth with my friends; mbak Puri of Ideku, mbak Dita of Cemprut, Anchy of Onigiri Shop and bu Pia of Idys. But for some reasons, I didn't come, I only consigned some products of mine to mbak Puri and bu Pia.

Nevertheless, "Koncoku" is my other "baby" (I'll write all about it in other blog, insha Allah), so I was excited and happy for my friends. So, when it's over, I urged mbak Dita to post the pictures and bu Pia to share the story of their activity in Pasar Nova .

How happy I was when mbak Dita granted my wish and bu Pia came to place to tell their stories. It seems they had fun, though they experienced heat and rain, that I quite regretted my decision to not to come. I'm happy that my friends had a good sales and "Koncoku" booth visited by many interested buyers and got good responses, alhamdulillah.

Here I'd like to share to you also the pictures and the fun my friends had

"Koncoku" booth

Crowded with visitors

All hands on the heads...see how synchronized my friends were? Lol... I'm not sure whether they did brain gym or just had a headache, lol ...

Fathia was there too, selling her candy-flowers creations...seems here she just took a break, enjoying sweets

"Koncoku" team and friends; mbak Dita and mbak Puri (at the back row, tried to strike a super model pose, lol). At the front row, from left to right; Fathia, Novi (mbak Puri's friend), Anchy, her mother and bu Pia

These are only a couple of some Calyx products presented at Pasar Nova and alhamdulillah, they were sold quite well


  1. what a sweet bazaar....
    can't wait till 'koncoku' strikes back again...


  2. Me too...hiks2, soalnya yg ini cuma liat foto & dgr ceritanya doang...but still, can help to see those pictures again and again, because it really looked like fun :)
    Thanks foto2nya lho, mb mas Ay2 juga (itu yang Fath sebutin, oom Ay2, katanya, he3)...

  3. haha... kok jadi om Ay, Ay tuh kan kependekan dari Ayah,wkwkwk... Agung namanya,hihi... sama-sama ibu liaaa...

  4. Waaaaa jadi pingin ikutan jugaaa ^^
    Tar kalo aq balik Jkt ajak2 yaa :)

  5. @Mb Dita: Iya hahaha, itu si Fath nyebutnya oom Ay2 dan hampir aja nyebut mb Dita juga tante Bun2, hehehe...Kemaren itu pas ol di tempatku, dia bolak-balik aja ke fb mb Dita & mb Puri...ngefans diaa ;)

    @Mb Ina: So pasti mb Ina! Aku selalu pengin ngumpul2 sesama crafter, pasti seru :)

  6. Bu Lia, tetep yg paling kocak tuh yg pd angkat tangan megang kepala semua..hahaha itu seru bgt... kl ada Bu Lia, mungkin Bu Lia jg kaya gitu...:p

  7. Iyaya, bener2 kompak itu namanya, hehehe...
    Ayo kita megang kepala bersama-sama, satu, dua, tigaa...


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