Friday, April 16, 2010

My "adopted" Children

When we first moved to Bandar Lampung, my husband reunited with his old school mates (high school in Jakarta) here, Pak Wawan & ibu Pia ( Both of them have been married, reside here as well (Pak Wawan is a Bandar Lampung native) and soon they became our family best friends. I will feel strange if we haven't meet Pak Wawan's family in a week, lol...

With Ibu Pia (photo courtesy of my dearest friend of mine, mb Santi of

Ibu Pia clicked right away with me because we both love handmade craft and have craft business. Pak Wawan and my husband are both bike lovers. And their children, Fathia and Adhim also very close to my son Kiki. Fathia is a craft mania, so she soon became my "protegee" (she loves to make various creations at my place and always willing to learn anything from me. Of course I gladly teach her everything I know which is not much :P). Adhim is a game addict, just like my son.

Kiki, as the only child, always want to have brother and/or sister(s). One day, he told me, that if he can't have a biological brother or sister, he'd like to adopt ones. And the ones he'd like to adopt are Fathia & Adhim (lol)!
I laughed and said ok. So from then on, we called Fathia & Adhim as my "adopted" children or Kiki's "adopted" siblings, lol... and their parents don't mind a bit

Kiki & Adhim, the game addicts

Fathia, my protegee, with her ribbon embroidery work

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