Sunday, May 15, 2011

Occupation Theme Bag

For those who've read my previous blog, know that though the mini hoop can be used as a doll house thing, I intended it to be a bag embellishment.

So here's the newest bag I made; shall I call it "Occupation bag"? Hmm, doesn't sound right...
Anyhow, this bag's theme is "Embroiderer". Made of faux suede and cotton fabric, with felt inside lining. Can be worn as a shoulder bag or wristlet. In dusty pink color.

The Bag

The details

Another themed bags I made were "Love to Sew".
This one was made of canvas fabric with velvet inside lining.

This was made of cotton fabric with felt inside lining.

You're welcome to give me constructional critics and comments, thank you



  1. teteeh... itu yg pink polkadot mauuuuu... masih ada ga? masih doong ^^

  2. Mb Inaa :)
    Udah dijawab di tweet yaa, makasii ;)

  3. Aku suka suede!! aaahhh..wish i cud have faux suede here mbak!
    kabarku baik, mbak lia apa kabar?? I'm teaching English now tapi masih jualan online jg :p

  4. Mb Ditaaaa :D
    Suka suede tho? Ntar kalo aku belanja suede, ta'info ya, biar bisa bagi2 ;) Kalo mb Dita perlunya sedikit2, ada temenku disini yang punya, ngkali dia mau jual swatches/destashed, mau?
    Senang dengar mb Dita baik2 aja, alhamdulillah aku juga demikian, walopun lagi puyeng packing niy, mau pindah ke Bdg...

  5. Teh Lia, cantik2 banget bag-nya
    pengen banget bisa bikin kaya gini juga..
    Kapan pindahan ke Bandung?

  6. mba lia..salam kenal..

    aku suka banget liat tasnya nih,,, lucu...berapa tuh harganya mba?

  7. @mb Vita: maaf baru dibales mb, ini soalnya lagi otw pindahan, he3...
    @mb Dini: Haai mb Dini, salam kenal juga :)
    Makasii sudah dibilang lucu, he3...harganya 135rb saja, mbak ;)


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