Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This is why I prefer to work alone...

Well, not completely alone though...there's one who helps me sew things (based on my designs). But designing, hand stitching, ribbon embroidery, beading, fabric drawing, making handle-necklaces, shopping for supplies, etc, all done by my self.

I used to have another who helps me with the sequins & beads, but unfortunately she moves to another place, quite far from where I live. So actually, I need more assistant(s).

I was happy when my best friend offer me her new employee's assistance, just when I was about to over load with works for bazaar's stock and orders. She said, because she doesn't have many jobs for the new employee to do at the moment and she was going to Jakarta and Bandung for sometimes (to spend the school holiday with her family), then I can temporarily use her new employee's assistance.

I gave her the job that I thought the easiest one, which was sewing laces. I dropped the job over my friend's studio, gave the new employee some instructions.

The day after, I called to see if she finds any difficulties and she said her sewing machine broke, so she hasn't done anything. I suggested her to do what I usually did, which is stitching it by hand.

A couple of days later, I came to see the result. Apparently she done it wrong, so again I gave her instructions on how to improve it.

I gave it another week, but what a horror I found when I visit her to collect the job...she has done nothing but one (and only half way done too) ! And it's all wrong, it was stitched upside down! And the bazaar is next week!

The messy laces

I would understand if only the new employee's doesn't have any stitching skill (like I used to be), but no, she was a trained seamstress! She was graduated from SMK majoring fashion production! But yet, she seems to have no familiarity with laces !

Because of that, I had to cancel my tenancy in the bazaar and offer my best friend the extra place. When my best friend got back from her holiday, she was surprise to hear the news and to see her new employee's work. She felt sorry for me and said that she would have a talk with the employee.

Today, she came to my place and told me that she's considering to let the new employee go because apparently, she's slow in doing her job too (which is doing blanket stitch to appliques, that we both agree it's pretty easy to do). She can only finish 2 pcs in a day, while her other employee can finish 4 or 5. Her business is bigger than mine, so she needs the works done quickly, at least 30 pcs of product a month should be done.

Seems I have to do most of my work alone again now.
I redone the laces and alhamdulillah, have finished them all (though I still cannot attend the bazaar ).

The work redone


  1. hihihi....akhirnya curhatannya dipublish juga, biar lega mbak,hehe...

    yup, itu jga yg bkin aku males hire orang, lom lagi kalo egoisnya kumat, berasa gak da yg bisa bikin kecuali aku ndiri didunia ini,hehe...


  2. Hahaha, iya, biar lega, abis nyesek banget, mosok gara2 renda ga beres aku jadi ga bisa ikutan :(
    Makasi ya mb, semangat!!

  3. So sorry to hear that..
    I've also had some ups and downs with outsourcing and still haven't found the right one yet till now.
    Tetap semangat ya mbak Lia, kalo memang rejekinya ga kemana deh ;)

  4. Amiin, makasii mb Ina :)
    Memang ternyata managing human resources itu susah, ya :P

  5. setujuuuuuu! hire orang emang mesti jodoh2an sih yaa *ikut curhat

  6. Hihihi, kayaknya ini memang dukanya semua crafter semua orang/pegawai bisa punya passion yang sama dgn kita, hiks2...


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