Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's GC?

Before I answer the above question, let me just tell you something...

I have followed quite many talented blogger crafters, many of them are experts in making cute greeting cards, like Dragonllew's Spot, LOTV's Ideas to Inspire and many more. Though I don't have time to try to make one, I admire their works. They inspire me a lot.
So, I have an idea of embellishing my bag with things that looked like a greeting card.

I used quilt blocks fabric, put a bit of embroidery or ribbon embroidery here and there, compliment them with laces, buttons, beads, sequins or whatever usually found in a greeting card.

So the bags I made that inspired by greeting cards, I named them "GC" bags, a short from "Greeting Cards" bags, lol...

To see my whole creation of GC bags, please click here

Thanks Fathia, for being my model :)


  1. Saya ada blog awards untuk blog mbak Lia
    bisa dilihat disini :

    Semoga berkenan. Terima kasih

  2. Makasii banyak mbak Fitria aku jadi ge-er ni, was an honor!


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