Friday, October 15, 2010

Primula's Last Order

For those who don't know, I actually have 2 lines of product; Primula is my first, targeted at adult and Calyx is my second, which is more for the young and young at hearts people.

I haven't made anything for Primula for quite a while, simply because Primula productions are more time consuming and I had a "whimsical and childish mood" which suitable for Calyx, lingered longer than I thought it would be, lol.

However, I did make one recently (and it's sold already, alhamdulillah).
A customer would like to have a tote and insisted it to be Primula's (thanks mbak Nani, for your encouragement and your patience).
Another one is still in process, for a good returning customer .

I'd like to share the picture here and hope you'll enjoy it
Hope I can make some more Primula products soon, insha Allah...

Primula's tote; made of faux leather and velvet, embellished with various kind of beads, ribbon embroidery, etc


  1. waw.. cantik banget mba lia.. perlu waktu brp lama mba utk membuatnya?

  2. @Mbak Fitria: Makasii, mbak :) Normalnya sih ga lama, ini gara2 aku sempat ganti tukang/asisten 3x, yang awal udah lama aku kasi kerjaan ke dia, pas mau diambil, ternyata belum dikerjain! Syukur sekarang ada asisten yang lumayan bisa membantu :)

    @Mbak Dita: Makasii banyak, mbak :)


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