Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Too passionate about the job :P

Pfeewh, it's been like decades I haven't been updating my sites ...

It's because I've been busy doing orders and stocks, I'd been through human resources crisis here... Can you believe it, I've changed assistant(s) 3 times within this last couple of months! With some bazaar events approaching, there's no way I'm doing them all by my self, I still have house chores, a husband and a son to tend to...

It's quite hard to find someone that can share the same passion of the craft. But now I found the one that I think pretty acceptable, alhamdulillah, though there's one funny incident that I'm gonna tell you here.

I was explaining to the assistant about the red backpack for my dear cousin, Jia's daughter, to her. As she looked at the fabric, she said it was too much for 1 backpack only. I said, that's ok, she can return the rest of the fabric to me, just make the red backpack 1 piece only and the rest (I was giving her other fabrics too, to be made as multifunction backpack) in black color. Then off her went home, to do the orders.

Yesterday, she gave me the backpacks, including the red one for my cousin. Surprise, surprise, she made 2 of them, the other was made by using other stitched fabric intended for the black one ! She said, it's because the fabric was enough for 2 backpacks, instead of one as I instructed. And she made the side pockets for my cousin's backpack, which I strictly prohibited from the beginning (as Jia's wish), just because she thought it will looked better with them, lol...

My cousin's backpack

Details of the stitches

They were well made though, so I thought maybe she was too passionate about the job that she put her own ideas without telling me so, lol...
Well, I think it's better than to have no passion at all, lol...

I'm not too happy about my Rapunzel made into red backpack, for I intended it for the black one. I don't think it's the right color combination.

The wrong colored Rapunzel

The stitches detail

But well, what's done is done, what can I do but to put it on the market . I'm grateful though that I finally found someone right to assist me, I should probably more stressed the instructions out, "nag" about what I want it to be next time, lol...


  1. akhirnyaaaaa.....hehe...lama bgt nggak posting. gimana persiapan pasar seni? beres? *pertanyaan yg nambahin stress kayaknya,hehe*
    aku jg lagi berjuang buat nemuin asisten yg 'sehati', setengah mati nyarinya,hehe...

    semangat ibu lia...!!!!


  2. Hihihi, hiya, baru bisa posting2 lagi setelah kemaren sibuk nyiapin buat Pasni...persiapan insya Allah 90% deh....
    Semangat mb Dita, memang nyari yang sehati itu syusyah, tapi insya Allah pasti nanti dapet ;)

  3. iya mba aku juga merasakan betapa susahnya cari orang yang pas, jujur dan pekerja keras (alias menjalankan kewajiban dulu baru nuntut hak yang sesuai dengan kewajibannya).. makanya begitu dapet bener-bener aku jaga biar setia.. heheheh.. moga-moga nanti beres pasar seni ketemu yang pas ya.. (tarlen)

  4. Iyaya mbak, yang cocok itu susah...ini alhamdulillah udah ketemu, walopun agak terlalu "kreatif" hihihi...mudah2an ini cuma masa adaptasi aja ;)

  5. Lama banget mbak Lia ga posting, sampe kangen ;)
    yang sabaarrrrr ya mbak *dan cerewet* :P
    smoga cepat proses penyesuaiannya :)

  6. suka bgt ama backpacknya (kapan ya bisa bikin tas serapi punya mba lia *ngarep). sukses dengan asistennya deh mba ;D

  7. Mbak Inaaa :D
    Iya mbak, lama ya, aku juga sampe gregetan, pengin posting, tapi lagi sibuk bin pusing, belum lagi rebutan kompi sama abgku yang satu ini, hihihi...
    Makasii ya mbak, amiin buat doanya :)

  8. Mbak Fitriaaa :D
    Makasi yaa mbak, ini rapi berkat akhirnya nemuin asisten yang kerjaannya rapi (walopun agak sedikit terlalu "kreatif", hihihi)
    Makasi yaa mbak :)


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