Wednesday, October 13, 2010

That's what friends are for...(and it's not a song :P)

Maybe you've seen "Koncoku Handmade" mentioned every now and then in my blogs and calendar, but if you think it's another brand of mine, well, it's incorrect.

"Koncoku Handmade", initially found by me and mbak Puri of Ideku Handmade, it's the name for our (planned to be launch, Insha Allah) Etsy shop. But we both often share booth in bazaars and I feel it's not fair to name our booth just by my or her brand name. So we use "Koncoku Handmade" as our bazaar booth's name . The name "Koncoku" itself was a Javanese language, means "My Friend(s)".

In time, it weren't only two of us who shared the booth under the name. There was Ibu Pia of Idys, mbak Dita of Cemprut, mbak Amesh of Dreamesh and Anchy of Onigiri shop. We don't limit the numbers of our member though, we welcome any crafter who'd like to join in (as long as our booth's size permit it ) and each member is free to have their own booth if they want to, anytime or join other booth besides ours or not to join the exhibition we attend at all.

"Koncoku" doesn't bind any one, it's purely, simply a place for crafters to market their creations together (so it will cost cheaper because it shared...and more FUN! That's the keyword!) .

So far, we (as "Koncoku") had attend two events, both were busy and fun (though the last one was the busiest busy that we could only take 1 picture ).

"Koncoku Handmade" @Pasar Nova, Jakarta, 31 July - 1 Aug. 2010

"Koncoku Handmade" @Pasar Seni ITB, Bandung, October 10, 2010


  1. aaah senengnya.. aku juga mauuuu T_T

  2. waaah.. mba lia mau jualan di etsy?senangnya.. :)
    saya juga pengen tapi kepentok di verifikasi kartu kreditnya.. :D

    *akhirnya bisa liat stand2 orang.. (walaupun dari foto aja..hehehe)

  3. Mbak Lindaaa...blogger juga thoo :)
    Iya , insya Allah mbak, masih terbentur info ongkir, belum dapet2 aja dari kantor pos :(
    Hayu, mau gabung? Hehehe...

    Iya mbak, aku juga cuma bisa liat foto2 orang, ga sempet ngunjungi satu pun :P

  4. hehe,,angin2an mba blog saya mah,,jadi dikit2 hapus,, sekarang mulai lagi :)
    gabung?waw,,mau bangeeet >.<

    info ongkir ems mba? ada disini

  5. Hayuuu atuh :)
    Ga pake EMS mbak, karena bisa jadi mahal bangeeud...pake pos biasa aja, cuma belum jelas produk posnya apa...penginnya flat rate envelope seperti Etsy seller yang lain, tapi udah 2 kantor pos aku tanyain, ko kayaknya mereka ga ngeh ya...

  6. yap..sebelumnya udah pernah nanya juga ke pos deket rumah,, tapi ems aja kayak yang baru ngeh,,
    nanti saya coba tanya langsung aja ke kantor pusatnya :) siapa tau dapet pencerahan,,hehe

  7. Siip, kita sama2 cari & compare yaa...makasii :)


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