Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Auction for "Craft For Humanity"

Indonesia has been through tough tests lately...disaster in Wasior, flood in Jakarta, volcano eruption at Merapi Mountain in Java...but the one nearest to the place I live was the earth quake (7,2 Richter's scale) and tsunami at Mentawai Islands, small islands near Sumatera, best known as surfer's paradise because of its sea waves.

It touched me so and my friend, mbak Tarlen, who I respect and adore so dearly, came up with the idea of "Craft For Humanity" . But I don't think it will be enough time for me to make some craft specially for them, they need it now and they need it fast, so I guess I just would like to put some of my ready-stock on auction, to raise fund for the humanity project mentioned above (though I should admit, it's not much).

So, for those who interested to participate on the auction, please click here.

One of my creation on the auction

Let's bid for a good cause...hope it will help the needy, even if it's just a bit, insha Allah...


  1. duuuh lucuuuu...bahaya ni dikelilingi teman2 crafter tidak baik untuk kesehatan keuangan T_T

  2. Makasii mbak Cecillia, waah, seneng banget mbak sudah berkunjung kemari :D
    Hehehe, hayo2, kita racuni mbak Cecillia, wkwkwk...


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