Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Craft For Humanity" Auction Part 2

Alhamdulillah, after my own "Craft For Humanity" auction has closed (still waiting to receive a few transfers though), some of my fellow crafters interested to do the same thing and I am happy to help hosting the auction, all for the good cause and our good friendship :)

The items auctioned were all handmade by my good friends:
Mbak Poppy:

These are two of the whole collection auctioned

To participate in the auction, please click here.

Enjoy the auction, may The Almighty return all of your kind intentions and attentions, amiin.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Auction for "Craft For Humanity"

Indonesia has been through tough tests lately...disaster in Wasior, flood in Jakarta, volcano eruption at Merapi Mountain in Java...but the one nearest to the place I live was the earth quake (7,2 Richter's scale) and tsunami at Mentawai Islands, small islands near Sumatera, best known as surfer's paradise because of its sea waves.

It touched me so and my friend, mbak Tarlen, who I respect and adore so dearly, came up with the idea of "Craft For Humanity" . But I don't think it will be enough time for me to make some craft specially for them, they need it now and they need it fast, so I guess I just would like to put some of my ready-stock on auction, to raise fund for the humanity project mentioned above (though I should admit, it's not much).

So, for those who interested to participate on the auction, please click here.

One of my creation on the auction

Let's bid for a good cause...hope it will help the needy, even if it's just a bit, insha Allah...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Primula's Last Order

For those who don't know, I actually have 2 lines of product; Primula is my first, targeted at adult and Calyx is my second, which is more for the young and young at hearts people.

I haven't made anything for Primula for quite a while, simply because Primula productions are more time consuming and I had a "whimsical and childish mood" which suitable for Calyx, lingered longer than I thought it would be, lol.

However, I did make one recently (and it's sold already, alhamdulillah).
A customer would like to have a tote and insisted it to be Primula's (thanks mbak Nani, for your encouragement and your patience).
Another one is still in process, for a good returning customer .

I'd like to share the picture here and hope you'll enjoy it
Hope I can make some more Primula products soon, insha Allah...

Primula's tote; made of faux leather and velvet, embellished with various kind of beads, ribbon embroidery, etc

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

That's what friends are for...(and it's not a song :P)

Maybe you've seen "Koncoku Handmade" mentioned every now and then in my blogs and calendar, but if you think it's another brand of mine, well, it's incorrect.

"Koncoku Handmade", initially found by me and mbak Puri of Ideku Handmade, it's the name for our (planned to be launch, Insha Allah) Etsy shop. But we both often share booth in bazaars and I feel it's not fair to name our booth just by my or her brand name. So we use "Koncoku Handmade" as our bazaar booth's name . The name "Koncoku" itself was a Javanese language, means "My Friend(s)".

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweet dream...

Gigi, the little tooth, likes the Sweets.
But she knew that she can't meet them as often as she wanted to, because though they are nice looking and taste good, they can turned to be quite malicious, in time they will strip Gigi's email layers, make her prone to be damaged, especially if Gigi's owner forgot to clean her in the evening.
So, she can only dream of them, dream of playing happily with them and that they won't do her any harm

See Gigi on Calyx Multifunction backpack here

Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet Hans, the adventurous hedgehog!

Hans is a special hedgehog.
He's so active, couldn't sit still.
He's adventurous too, likes to try new things to do.
The other hedgehogs mostly don't understand (or maybe misunderstand) Hans.
But his mother do, so she channels Hans huge energy by signing him to various activities.
One day, she signed Hans up for parachuting lesson and he got hooked!
He loves it and do it regularly since then

See Hans on Calyx Multifunction backpack here .
He's one of my favorite, can't wait to show Hans' other adventures soon

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's GC?

Before I answer the above question, let me just tell you something...

I have followed quite many talented blogger crafters, many of them are experts in making cute greeting cards, like Dragonllew's Spot, LOTV's Ideas to Inspire and many more. Though I don't have time to try to make one, I admire their works. They inspire me a lot.
So, I have an idea of embellishing my bag with things that looked like a greeting card.

I used quilt blocks fabric, put a bit of embroidery or ribbon embroidery here and there, compliment them with laces, buttons, beads, sequins or whatever usually found in a greeting card.

So the bags I made that inspired by greeting cards, I named them "GC" bags, a short from "Greeting Cards" bags, lol...

To see my whole creation of GC bags, please click here

Thanks Fathia, for being my model :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Too passionate about the job :P

Pfeewh, it's been like decades I haven't been updating my sites ...

It's because I've been busy doing orders and stocks, I'd been through human resources crisis here... Can you believe it, I've changed assistant(s) 3 times within this last couple of months! With some bazaar events approaching, there's no way I'm doing them all by my self, I still have house chores, a husband and a son to tend to...

It's quite hard to find someone that can share the same passion of the craft. But now I found the one that I think pretty acceptable, alhamdulillah, though there's one funny incident that I'm gonna tell you here.

I was explaining to the assistant about the red backpack for my dear cousin, Jia's daughter, to her. As she looked at the fabric, she said it was too much for 1 backpack only. I said, that's ok, she can return the rest of the fabric to me, just make the red backpack 1 piece only and the rest (I was giving her other fabrics too, to be made as multifunction backpack) in black color. Then off her went home, to do the orders.

Yesterday, she gave me the backpacks, including the red one for my cousin. Surprise, surprise, she made 2 of them, the other was made by using other stitched fabric intended for the black one ! She said, it's because the fabric was enough for 2 backpacks, instead of one as I instructed. And she made the side pockets for my cousin's backpack, which I strictly prohibited from the beginning (as Jia's wish), just because she thought it will looked better with them, lol...

My cousin's backpack


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