Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Corsage Craze 2: Finally, a perfect bloom :)

Those who've read my previous blog, know that I have a thing with fabric flowers.
Because I haven't made anything near my expectation, I kept looking for corsage tutorials.

In my quest, I came across this tute. I tried to make one, still haven't got what I was looking for.
Then, I modified it a bit, still using the same template, but instead of only 4 smaller flowers, I used 9 smaller ones, so it became 4 tiered.

Voila ! I've reached the result I've always wanted. Instead of pin backing, I used magnet, so as not to make a hole on anything it attached to.

A perfect bloom

The back is fabric covered magnet. Here I removed the other magnet (its' pair) to attach the corsage to something.

I tried to attach the corsage to a sheet.

This is how it looked like from behind.


  1. oh so pretty!
    belum kebayang nih bikinnya gmn.. penampakan yg di tute nya beda sih, ga seindah yg dsini :D

  2. Hihi, makasii mb Ina :)
    Yang disini aku modified dikit mb, krn penampakan aslinya kurang memuaskan :P Jadi template bunga kecilnya aku tambah jadi sembilan, biar keliatan mekarrr :)

  3. mbak ini bikinnya gimana?
    ada tutorialnya?

  4. Mb Amelia, tute nya ada di , tapi aku modified sedikit supaya penampilannya spt yang aku inginkan :)

  5. everywhere I go, I saw fabric rose brooches like this.
    sepertinya ini pertanda aku harus segera belajar how to make one (^_^)

  6. @mbak Tyka: Lol, yuu maree bikiin :D
    I love it because it's simple but yet looks nice ;)


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