Monday, July 26, 2010

How to make a wound rose (ribbon embroidery)

A very dear friend asked me how to make a wound rose (side way) like the ones I made on the above bag.
Honestly, I'm not much of a teacher, but I'll try to explain it here. So please excuse me if there's any confusing parts, but I'll try to answer if you have any question.
Mind you, I didn't invent this technique, I learned it first from a book titled "Sulam Pita, edisi 2" by AJ. Boesra, so I won't take any credit for it. Well...not exactly the same though, a little simplification here and there, because the rose I made was quite tiny . But this tute's pictures are all made by my self .
So, here we go...

1. First, stick a pin horizontally on a piece of fabric. This pin is helping us determine the width of the rose.

2. Take the ribbon from the back of fabric to the front, right above the centre of the pin.

3. Slip the ribbon under the tip of the pin like so.

4. Twist it a bit and slip it under the other tip of the pin, like so.

5. Give it another twist and slip it back under the tip of the pin.

6. Take the ribbon to the back of the fabric, near where the ribbon was started.

7. Now, secure each of the rose's corner with a couple of stitches. Once secured, we can take the pin out.

8. Take the ribbon onto the fabric's surface again at the left corner of the rose. You may start it at the right corner though, if you like. But here, I started it from the left.

9. Go back down the fabric, at around 1/3 of the rose, to make a loop. The loop is for a petal.

10. First loop done.

11. Make another one by taking the ribbon up the fabric, under the center of the first loop, but don't insert the needle through the loop's ribbon.

12. Finish the second loop by taking the ribbon down the fabric at around 2/3 of the rose.

13. Make the third loop the same way as the second one and finish it off at the right corner of the rose.

14. The first row of petals done.

15. Come up the fabric, under the centre of last loop to make another loop for the second row of petals.

16. Pull the ribbon down the fabric at around the centre of the first row, making a loop.

17. Come up the fabric again, under the centre of the latest loop.

18. Finish the loop, around 1mm or so under the end of the first row of petals.

19. There you have it ! All we need to do now is adding some ribbon stitches under the rose for the calyxes .


Love to hear from you, thanks for your comments :)


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