Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fathia and her new creation

It's been a while I haven't see Fathia and her family, because of the school holiday; I went to my hometown for a week and when I got back, it was her turn, they went for two weeks, spending the holiday.

When we finally met last week, she told me that she went to Crayon in Bandung, her favorite place and mine too. Well, actually Crayon is every crafter's haven, they sold craft supplies and provide free course and tutorial (as long as we bought the supplies there).

So, in her latest visit to Crayon, she learned how to make stuffed animal from recycled sock.

Fathia and her latest creation.

She made a very cute pony and I admire it so much . I told her mother that the doll looked perfect enough to be sold, lol...but of course Fathia made it for her self, not for sale .
Fathia told me that she showed it to her teacher too and then they asked her to teach them how to make it . Well, honestly, I'd like her to teach me too, if only I have a spare time .

Fathia's pony


  1. What a cute pony!
    I want! :D
    Fathia is a talented girl for sure :)

  2. Hehehe, I think so too :)
    Eits, ngantri dulu mb Ina, aku juga mauu :P

  3. Fatiaaa...lucu bgt bonekanya... buat yg banyak Fatia yg warna-warni..trs dikumpulin di tempat tidur.. wuih seruuu..
    btw itu foto dmn ya? enak bgt, hijau dan segarrr..
    Bu Lia tau ngga, bunga permen Fatia laris manis lohh di pasar nova :)

  4. Hehehe, ntar Fath ta' suruh baca comment ini ;)
    Ini foto di tempat tinggalku mb, aku kan tinggal di Hotel Sheraton Lampung, jadi ya di hotel ni, he3...
    Oiya, bunga permen Fathia selalu laris, mau itu di Inacraft atau di bazaar sekolahan, pasti habis :)

  5. iya kecil2 dah kreatif ya pipi bakpao..
    Ibunya cerita kl hasil karya fatia selalu laris manis di market day sekolahnya :)

  6. Iya, sayangnya sistem pendidikan yg sekarang ini masih kurang menghargai, buktinya aku & bu Pia sampe heran, ko Fath ga dapet nilai tinggi di pelajaran art & craft...whatever, pokonya yg penting di dunia bisnis, karya dia laku, hihihi...
    Dia ini lagi kami persiapkan untuk jadi penerus nih, hehehe...


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