Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rara and the Calyx coin pouch

A few days ago, my hubby's ex high school mate, bapak Uun and family, came to Bandar Lampung for a holiday and visited us.

Their daughter, Rara, seemed interested in what I do and asked me to teach her some basic stitches of ribbon embroidery. Of course I gladly taught her and her mom was a bit surprise on how fast Rara learned the stitches. I said, she's talented and a fast learner :)

She made some spider web roses, daisies, french knots and some more. Unfortunately I haven't got a chance to take a picture of her works...

Then, I showed her my sample of Calyx coin pouch. This pouch has never been made for sale yet, just a mere sample. I made this pouch of cotton, with my fabric drawing of Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), embellished with seed beads, ribbon embroidery, hand stitches and punch needle works.

She liked it a lot and I gave it to her as a souvenir :)

Smiling Rara, showing off her Calyx coin pouch

"Sleeping Beauty" pouch, front side

"Sleeping Beauty" pouch, back side


  1. Such a lucky girl!
    Pouch nya cantik bangeet ^^

  2. Mbak Inaaa :D
    Hehehe, makasii mb, mudah2an berguna buat dia, ya :)


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