Saturday, April 17, 2010

Collaboration with talented artist(es)

Alhamdulillah, I know and became friends with talented crafters/artistes online.
They are wire worker, embroiderer, knitter, painter and many more.
I'll be happy if I could collaborate with them, making interesting pieces.

In the past, I've worked with mbak Nancy and mbak Ratna , who made cute polymer clay embellishments for Calyx pochettes.

Mb Nancy's fairy & butterfly on Calyx's "Waltz of the Flowers" pochette

Mb Nancy's owl & cat on Calyx's "The Owl & The Pussycat" pochette

Mb Ratna's bling-blinged swan on Calyx's "Swan Lake" pochette

My latest collaboration was with mbak Puri . She made cute fabric drawings for Calyx newest product, the multi function backpack (it can be worn as backpack, messenger bag or oversized clutch).

Mbak Puri's Alice in Wonderland

Mbak Puri's Queen of Hearts

Mb Puri's The Princess & The Pea

I've been a fan of her works for sometimes, she's so talented and from her writings (because I've never met her in person, hopefully will in this coming Inacraft), she seems like a fun and very nice person. I specifically asked her to draw her own rendition of The Princess & the pea, Alice in Wonderland & Alice's Queen of Heart for Calyx product. Can't thank you enough, mbak Puri

Our plan is to share the booth in Inacraft for both of our creations and do the silaturrahim in person, so we can be offline buddies as well ...Insya Allah...


  1. bu lia, aku terharu bacanya...hikhikhik...
    seorang bu lia yg super crafty masih bisa bilang aku ky gitu :)
    aku yg seneng bgt bisa kenal sm ibu n bs kerjasama bareng... semoga kerjasama kita berlanjut terusss ya bu :)

    sampe ketemu di inacraft 2010 bu :)

  2. Hikshiks, mb Puriii, aku jadi ikut terharu...
    aku yg seneng bisa kenal & kerjasama dgn artist seberbakat mb Puri...
    Insya Allah, hubungan baik kita berlanjut truss :)
    Hugs back :)


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