Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fathia & her pochette

For those who've read my previous blog, knows about Fathia.
One day, in the midst of my preparing products for Inacraft, she came to my place. As usual, I always share everything interesting (craft wise) with her, so I showed her my sketches for Calyx bags, along with the novelty buttons I planned to be sew in. I also would like to ask her opinion about it, because believe me, she has a very high standard and exclusive taste on things, lol.
She particularly interested in this design...

Then she asked me to kinda guide her to make a pochette out of this design. Of course I gladly did that. She made a beautiful ribbon embroidery from the sketch, I gave her my specially made toad stool padded applique and sew in some of her novelty buttons (yes, she's an avid novelty buttons collector just like my self ).

Once it done, we sent it to my associate to be made into pochette and the result was this one...

Fathia, happily showed off her pochette

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