Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inacraft 2010 recap

Alhamdulillah, Inacraft 2010 has finally over and with a success too .
Because I have to wait for my husband coming back from abroad, I could only waited the booth on day 4 & 5 (last days).
Unfortunately, I got fever on day 5 (Sunday), so I have to went back home early. Therefore, I hadn't got a chance to go around visiting many of my MP friend's booths & take pictures of my two dear friends, mbak Puri and mbak Dhita. So sorry guys, hopefully we can do this in the near future, Insha Allah...
But I managed to meet the three of four beautiful sisters of handmadeaccessories (not pictured here), mbak Mariah, Maya & Hind and visited mbak Amy, mbak Irma & mbak Annie's booth. I was also very lucky to be visited by my dear friends, the talented mbak Diana and the sweet mbak Ammur , alhamdulillah

This was actually the 1st time I see Inacraft.
I was amazed, the halls were jam packed with visitors, they were queuing up from around 8.45 am for the entrance ticket (the exhibition itself was opened at 10am). I'm proud, it means that Indonesian people still have a high appreciation for Indonesian (handmade) products .

Thanks to my dearest friends; Ibu Pia, Ibu Vivi, Ibu Susan for tremendous help in waiting the booth, shared it with your cute goods (& shared the tenant's fee too ). Thanks to mbak Mina, mbak Rini, for the cute novelty button supplies, mbak Puri for your assistance waiting the booth on day 2 (cmiiw) and sharing the booth with your wonderful creations. Hope we can do it again next year, Insha Allah

Visitors queued up for the entrance ticket. My hubby was the one in purple shirt

The booth ladies; mbak Vivi, mbak Susan & bu Pia

With mbak Ammur

With mbak Diana

With pretty mbak Rini

With mbak Annie, mbak Amy and mbak Irma

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