Friday, April 2, 2010

Calyx Story Teller Pochette

Why did I name them "Story teller"?
Because each of them based on/inspired by a story. I love children stories & poems, they bring back a sweet memory of childhood.

"The Owl & The Pussy-cat" pochette was inspired by Edward Lear's poem about an owl who marry a cat.
The pochette itself was made from faux croc leather, embellished with polymer clay figures. There were 2 handles provided, one was the ordinary handle made from the same faux leather, the other was a handle which can be worn as a bracelet (unfortunately, not shown here, because it was sold before I got a chance to take the picture of it, hehe)

The "Waltz of the flowers" was inspired by a composition number of Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" ballet, titled the same.
It was made from corduroy shantung silk, embellished with polymer clay figures (the fairy & butterfly) and ribbon embroidery.
Same thing about the handles, one was the usual wrist let handle, the other was a bracelet handle (not shown for the same reason as the above wrist let :P)


  1. ini yg paling aku suka... warna hitam plus tema2 go green gitu..
    (go green kan??? kan banyak tanamannya..hehehe...)

  2. I LOVE these pursess, just gorgeous!!!

    I had to comment on this blog. I memorized "The Owl & The Pussycat" as a child and I still remember that poem. I have met few who know of it at all. That's very cool! It deserves a (((((big hug)))) ;~)

    I just started following you and hope you will follow me as well, gf and thanks!! ♥ Audi

  3. @ mbak Puri: makasii mb Puri, iya banyak green nya ya, hehehe...
    @ Audi: Thanks Audi, happy to know that you like that poem too...biig huug :)
    Thanks for the follow, I've already became your follower as well :)


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