Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Brother & His tiny shop

I have only one brother, he's a year younger than me (and still single ) and lives in our hometown, Bandung.
Because our ages difference are so close, we fought a lot when we were much younger, lol...but now we (actually since we graduated from primary school) are so close, we help each other a lot, guess because we realized that we only have one sibling, we have to count on each other.

When we were younger

Works as a freelance graphic designer, he helps me a lot with my product's typography, photography, business card, etc.
He's so close to my son, obviously because my son is his only nephew, lol.

My brother & my son

He's into online business as well and currently converted my parent's small sitting room into a tiny offline shop. But unlike me, he's more into selling children toys. He usually do his business in Kaskus. He tried to join MP, but until now still have registration difficulties.
A few days ago, he e-mailed me the pictures of the shop (to give me the news, since I haven't been gone home for a while).

The tiny shop

The display

The products sold
. Interested? Click here, please


  1. wuwuuu...walo kecil tapi besar niatnya... ide bagus buat bikin mini shop didepan rumah,hehe...


  2. Hehehe, makasii mbak Dita...alhamdulillah kalo bisa memberi sedikit inspirasi ;)


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