Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Brother & His tiny shop

I have only one brother, he's a year younger than me (and still single ) and lives in our hometown, Bandung.
Because our ages difference are so close, we fought a lot when we were much younger, lol...but now we (actually since we graduated from primary school) are so close, we help each other a lot, guess because we realized that we only have one sibling, we have to count on each other.

When we were younger

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inacraft 2010 recap

Alhamdulillah, Inacraft 2010 has finally over and with a success too .
Because I have to wait for my husband coming back from abroad, I could only waited the booth on day 4 & 5 (last days).
Unfortunately, I got fever on day 5 (Sunday), so I have to went back home early. Therefore, I hadn't got a chance to go around visiting many of my MP friend's booths & take pictures of my two dear friends, mbak Puri and mbak Dhita. So sorry guys, hopefully we can do this in the near future, Insha Allah...
But I managed to meet the three of four beautiful sisters of handmadeaccessories (not pictured here), mbak Mariah, Maya & Hind and visited mbak Amy, mbak Irma & mbak Annie's booth. I was also very lucky to be visited by my dear friends, the talented mbak Diana and the sweet mbak Ammur , alhamdulillah

This was actually the 1st time I see Inacraft.
I was amazed, the halls were jam packed with visitors, they were queuing up from around 8.45 am for the entrance ticket (the exhibition itself was opened at 10am). I'm proud, it means that Indonesian people still have a high appreciation for Indonesian (handmade) products .

Thanks to my dearest friends; Ibu Pia, Ibu Vivi, Ibu Susan for tremendous help in waiting the booth, shared it with your cute goods (& shared the tenant's fee too ). Thanks to mbak Mina, mbak Rini, for the cute novelty button supplies, mbak Puri for your assistance waiting the booth on day 2 (cmiiw) and sharing the booth with your wonderful creations. Hope we can do it again next year, Insha Allah

Visitors queued up for the entrance ticket. My hubby was the one in purple shirt

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to wear Calyx's Multi Function Backpack

Now, I'd like to show you how to wear Calyx's Multi Function Backpack ...

1. From backpack to messenger bag:
- Unattached the backpack handles and put them inside the back zipped pocket provided.
- Fold the backpack.

- Attach the messenger bag's handle provided.

Calyx's Multi Function Backpack

These are Calyx's newest product, The Multi Function Backpacks.
This bag can be worn as backpack, messenger bag or over sized clutch.
Measured 43cm in length, 28,5cm wide (as backpack), 24cm wide (as messenger bag/clutch).

Made from canvas, combined with faux suede, velvet or cotton fabric at the front pocket.
To learn how to wear this backpack in 3 ways, please read this blog.

Batik Hedgehog

How to wear Calyx's Multi Function Bag

Let me show you how to wear Calyx's Multi Function bag....

1. From shoulder bag to wristlet:
- Unattach the handbag handle
- Attach the wristlet handle provided.

(Inacraft Sneakpeek) Calyx's Multi Function Bag

These are Calyx's new products, the multi function bags.
They can be worn as shoulder bags, wristlets or belt bags.
Or, if you have a stylish tot who thinks that she's big enough to carry a bag around like you, this could be her diaper clutch, because it's roomy enough for 2 diapers plus a tube of cream or a small milk bottle.

Sized 22cm in length, 12cm wide.
The bags were from canvas, combined with either cotton or faux suede fabric at the front side.

My apology if the pictures are not clear enough, we were in a hurry sending them to Jakarta to be displayed in my Inacraft booth, they've already packed in plastics :P

"Kiss meee...."

The Knight & The Dragon

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fathia & her pochette

For those who've read my previous blog, knows about Fathia.
One day, in the midst of my preparing products for Inacraft, she came to my place. As usual, I always share everything interesting (craft wise) with her, so I showed her my sketches for Calyx bags, along with the novelty buttons I planned to be sew in. I also would like to ask her opinion about it, because believe me, she has a very high standard and exclusive taste on things, lol.
She particularly interested in this design...

Kiki's Chameleon

So, I needed some ideas for Calyx's newest product.
To meet Calyx's concept of "for the young & young at hearts", I needed a design which is kinda "childish".
Then, I asked my son Kiki, to draw a sketch of a chameleon.

From Kiki's basic sketch, I made hand stitches of it and add an imported novelty button to complete it.
Voila, I present you, Kiki's Chameleon multi function backpack (it can be wore as backpack, messenger bag or oversized clutch).

Available in orange, blue & dusty pink...can be seen at Inacraft 2010, JCC Plenary Hall, booth no. 62.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Collaboration with talented artist(es)

Alhamdulillah, I know and became friends with talented crafters/artistes online.
They are wire worker, embroiderer, knitter, painter and many more.
I'll be happy if I could collaborate with them, making interesting pieces.

In the past, I've worked with mbak Nancy and mbak Ratna , who made cute polymer clay embellishments for Calyx pochettes.

Mb Nancy's fairy & butterfly on Calyx's "Waltz of the Flowers" pochette

Mb Nancy's owl & cat on Calyx's "The Owl & The Pussycat" pochette

Mb Ratna's bling-blinged swan on Calyx's "Swan Lake" pochette

My latest collaboration was with mbak Puri . She made cute fabric drawings for Calyx newest product, the multi function backpack (it can be worn as backpack, messenger bag or oversized clutch).

Mbak Puri's Alice in Wonderland

Friday, April 16, 2010

My "adopted" Children

When we first moved to Bandar Lampung, my husband reunited with his old school mates (high school in Jakarta) here, Pak Wawan & ibu Pia ( Both of them have been married, reside here as well (Pak Wawan is a Bandar Lampung native) and soon they became our family best friends. I will feel strange if we haven't meet Pak Wawan's family in a week, lol...

With Ibu Pia (photo courtesy of my dearest friend of mine, mb Santi of

(Just for fun/Iseng) Calyx is...

...the sepals of the flower (

Thursday, April 15, 2010

(INACraft sneak peek) Kids Hijab

For Inacraft 2010, I specially made kids hijabs.
As a hijabi myself, I'd like to socialize hijab wearing among the girls. So I made them cute and easy to use. They all are made of jersey, with various embellishments; ribbon embroidery, imported novelty buttons, bullion embroidery, paillettes, chipped shells.

For the "Not-So-Girly" girls

Inspiration from Pahawang Island

Last month we went to Pahawang Island, a small island around 45 minutes trip from Bandar Lampung.
I haven't seen such a clear water since my trip to Gili Trawangan, Lombok, years ago. The corals lay on shallow water, seen clearly from the port.
My son Kiki, enjoyed the scuba diving so much. Accompanied by a local who works as a tour guide, he could see fishes, star fishes and beautiful corals.

Monday, April 12, 2010

(INACraft sneak peek) The Return of the Storyteller

So, for the Inacraft Exhibition 2010, I ve been preparing several Calyx products, the new & old ones. Here, I'll show you a few that almost ready.

Calyx Storyteller pochettes will be returned with a little bit of different tweaks.

"Swan Lake", obviously inspired by a composition number with the same title by Tchaikovsky (my favorite composer ;)), which tells a story of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer's curse (that's why the swan's bling-blinged, she's a princess afterall ).

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Calyx Interchageable-reversible purse

The concept of this purse is to have 2 looks in 1 purse; one side for party/evening look, the other for day/casual look. You can even change the base if you tired of the old one.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Calyx Story Teller Pochette

Why did I name them "Story teller"?
Because each of them based on/inspired by a story. I love children stories & poems, they bring back a sweet memory of childhood.

"The Owl & The Pussy-cat" pochette was inspired by Edward Lear's poem about an owl who marry a cat.
The pochette itself was made from faux croc leather, embellished with polymer clay figures. There were 2 handles provided, one was the ordinary handle made from the same faux leather, the other was a handle which can be worn as a bracelet (unfortunately, not shown here, because it was sold before I got a chance to take the picture of it, hehe)

The "Waltz of the flowers" was inspired by a composition number of Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" ballet, titled the same.
It was made from corduroy shantung silk, embellished with polymer clay figures (the fairy & butterfly) and ribbon embroidery.
Same thing about the handles, one was the usual wrist let handle, the other was a bracelet handle (not shown for the same reason as the above wrist let :P)

My Very first teen/children hijab

I've tried embroidery on hijab before, but it was a big square scarf...I've never try to do it on a ready made children/teens hijab.

So here's one of my first creation, complimented with novelty flower buttons, directly imported from Brazil (thanks to my very dear friend, mbak Mina at who helped me supply the buttons :)) and ribbon embroidery.

Well, what do you think?

My Flower Loom

The other day I was asking everybody whether any one knew any online shop which sell a local made flower loom. The ones I found offline were imported, pretty expensive. I actually had found it online(and with the right price too ) and inquired it to Needleyarn Shop (, but at that time I haven't got any confirmation from them.

Not long after, Alhamdulillah, the confirmation I've been waiting for was sent via e-mail and today I received my flower loom. Straightly I tried it with organdy ribbons (flower loom commonly used for making flowers from yarn). I actually can use wire as well.

Voila! My first attempt of making ribbon flower with a flower loom is in the picture below. It's a simple flower actually, I haven't try it with more techniques, just to "test drived" the loom

My First Punch Needle Creation

I've been interested in punch needle craft for quite some time, but found it difficult to find/buy the tool. I looked for it at Crayon Craft Bandung, it was sold out. I asked Hobbycraft Karawaci Jakarta, they said it's been ordered but haven't arrived yet (it's imported). But they willing to take my number and will let me know if the needle has arrived.

Three months past, finally they called me to advise that they've got it. I quickly transferred some amount of money to buy it and tadaaa...three days ago it sent to my address.

So, this is my first punch needle creation, what do you think?

I know, it still need a lot of improvement, I'll keep practicing...


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